Moving and Handling Children in School

About this course

Training in moving and handling children in schools is a critical aspect of ensuring the safety and well-being of both students and educators.

Adapt and Live training is designed to equip school staff with the necessary skills and knowledge to handle children safely, preventing injuries and promoting a secure learning environment.

The training often begins with an understanding of the principles of moving and handling. Educators learn about the importance of assessing risks and considering individual needs when assisting children with mobility challenges. Emphasis is placed on maintaining the child’s dignity and promoting their independence while ensuring their safety.

Practical techniques for moving and handling children are a central component of the training. This includes guidance on lifting, supporting, and transferring children with varying abilities. Different age groups and developmental stages are considered, recognising that techniques for moving and handling will differ between a nursery child and a primary school student.

Additionally, the training addresses the use of specialised equipment, such as hoists and slings, when necessary. Educators are taught how to operate this equipment safely and how to incorporate it into daily routines to enhance the overall well-being of children with mobility needs.

Importantly, the training in moving and handling children in UK schools emphasises effective communication and collaboration among staff members. Teamwork is crucial to ensuring the smooth and safe handling of children, particularly those with specific requirements. The trainers foster a supportive and inclusive learning environment.

Regular updates and refresher courses are often part of the ongoing professional development for educators. This ensures that they stay abreast of the latest guidelines, techniques, and equipment, reinforcing a culture of continuous improvement in the realm of moving and handling children within the school setting. Ultimately, this training not only safeguards the physical well-being of students but also contributes to a positive and nurturing educational experience for all.


Who is this course for?

For professionals required to move a child in school.


£850 +VAT (full day)

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